We Care For & Support our Birth Mothers
We offer you the truth and facts about adoption. Whether you just want to talk to someone about the questions you may have or you want help navigating the adoption process, we are here. We know this is a big decision and one that only you can make.
At Finally Home, we promise to offer understanding and hope along the way so you can feel free to discuss your thoughts and feelings openly with your counselor. If you do decide to move forward with a plan of adoption, we can gladly assist you through our Finally Home Adoption Agency.

Not many people know how different adoption is today . . . Women (or couples) making an adoption plan have a lot of choices . . .

  • You choose the adoptive couple and can meet them personally
  • Our adoptive families are thoroughly screened
  • You can receive information about your child after the adoption in the form of letters and pictures so you can know about your child’s progress
  • You have the opportunity to share your history and thoughts with your child through letters, pictures, or other creative ways that are meaningful to you
  • Your child will know that your decision was made through love
  • You can hold your baby, name your baby, and spend time with your baby while in the hospital
  • You are able to receive support and counseling If you need financial assistance for practical things like rent, food, clothing, etc., it can be provided to you during your pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum (within the legal limitations)
It is important to “know that you know” that this is the right decision for you . . . you can change your mind at any point prior to signing consents.
BUT, “I could never carry my baby for nine months and then give him or her away” . . .
IT’S NOT GIVING UP, IT’S GIVING MORE! There is a difference between “giving your baby away” and giving your baby more. Adoption can be a very responsible, loving decision that allows you the control to plan what you feel is best for your child. Adoption is a brave and selfless act. Most of us don’t think we have the inner strength to face a difficult situation. With supportive counseling you can determine what the right choice is for you and your baby. Knowing that you are doing what is best for your child will help you find the strength you need. Adoption will allow you to:
  • Plan your future and achieve your personal goals while knowing that your baby is being loved and cared for
  • Plan so that your baby’s childhood is full of stability, security, and love
  • Give your baby life while permitting you to end the relationship with your baby’s father if you no longer feel the relationship is in your best interest
  • Ensure that your baby has both a mother and a father. You will change a couple’s life by giving them the greatest gift
  • Look back without regret, knowing that you have done a brave and loving thing . . . you have given your child the gift of life
There is hope
Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. It is normal to go “back and forth” in your mind about what you should do. This is a life altering decision, and a decision you will live with for always. Give yourself time . . . talk to someone. Our hope for you is that you will have peace in your heart, and a true sense of knowing what the best choice is for you and your baby. Our staff is here to walk with you along this journey; you don’t have to be alone. So talk to an adoption specialist today.