Pregnancy FAQs

Birth Mother FAQs

Adoption looks very different today than it did in years past and knowing the facts is the only way to navigate the misconceptions. You may have overlooked adoption as an option, but it can be a healthy and positive compromise between abortion and parenting.
  • Pursue your previous life goals and plans
  • Live independently
  • Parent when you are ready
  • Avoid the financial responsibility of traditional parenting
  • Choose the type of relationship you have with the baby’s father
  • Give life to a new baby, who you can hold, name and love
  • Have continued contact with that child as he or she grows older
  • Feel good about the decision to give someone a chance to survive

Planning your child’s future is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Whether you choose parenting, abortion or adoption, you will want to make an informed decision.

  • You choose the adoptive couple and can meet them personally. Choose from highly screened families with biographies and pictures.
  • You can receive information about your child after the adoption in the form of letters and picture’s so you can know about their progress.
  • You have the opportunity to share your thoughts with your child through letters, pictures or whatever creative way best suites you. Your child will know that this decision was done in love.
  • You can hold your baby, name your baby, and spend time with your baby while in the hospital and prior to your baby going home with the family you have chosen.
  • You are able to receive support and counseling if you desire it. It is important to “know that you know” that this is the right decision for you. You can change your mind anytime prior to the placement.
  • If you need financial assistant for practical things like rent, food, clothing etc., it can be provided to you during your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks post partum.

At a Finally Home, we are here to support you and your decision. With no pressure from us, you are free to make a decision or even to change your mind mid-stream. We just want the best decision for you and your baby. Contact us today to talk to a counselor more about adoption.

You probably have a lot of questions about adoption. You may be unsure of how it works, if you could handle it, if it is the right choice or what your rights are. Keep reading for some commonly asked questions we get asked about adoption.

Yes! You will have the opportunity to review families’ portfolios with letters and pictures and in most cases even get to meet them before making your decision. There are additional options such as choosing a friend, an acquaintance, or someone who has been recommended to you.

You may have as much contact with your baby at the hospital as you desire. When planning your child’s adoption, you can choose an open adoption plan that allows ongoing visits with your child, or you can choose a less open adoption that keeps you informed about your child’s progress through letters and pictures. Adoptive families respect your need to know that your child is loved and happy. If you prefer not to have any ongoing contact with your child and adoptive family, confidential adoption plans are also possible.

The timing of your child’s placement depends on three factors: your preference, legal aspects (depending on the State), and the status of the birth father.

That depends on what type of adoption plan you choose: open, semi-open, or confidential. No matter what plan you choose, you will want to provide your complete medical and social history to your child. You may choose to share your identity and where you live with the adoptive family. If you’ve made an open adoption plan, you can have ongoing, direct contact with your child and the adoptive family.

Both you and the birth father have rights. If you disagree about adoption or you no longer have a relationship with him, your adoption agency will work with the birth father and/or the courts to determine if his rights can be terminated.

Hopefully, yes. This depends on the birth father’s cooperation with you and the staff of your adoption agency. Most birth fathers give their complete medical and social history, recognizing how important it is for their child. Often, only the information you provide will be available.

The laws in your state determine when and how your child may have access to information in the adoption file. Your caseworker will explain the current laws as they apply to your adoption plan.

Adoptive families approved by Finally Home must meet standards that are shared with you. We make every attempt to complete a thorough assessment of potential adoptive families. Prior to finalizing the adoption, we will make home visits to ensure the child’s well-being. In an open adoption, you will see for yourself how well your child is cared for and how much your child is loved.

You do not need an attorney and there are no costs to you. We will handle all the legal details for you and the birth father.